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CHOPLATE|Cutting Board Plate L (260mm / StoneGrey)

CHOPLATE|Cutting Board Plate L (260mm / StoneGrey)

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【L 260mm single / StoneGray】

▪️ Size : L-Diameter260mm,Height7mm,Weight260g
▪️ Color : StoneGray
▪️ Material:SPSResin
▪️ Country of Origin : Made in Japan


Lightweight, low absorbency, heat resistance, and solvent resistance

Kawabe Shokai Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company with over half a century of plastic molding processing technology. Therefore, CHOPLATE cutting board plates are made of SPS resin, which has the advantages of being lightweight, low absorbency, heat resistance, and solvent resistance. Because of its heat resistance, the cutting board plates can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Although CHOPLATE is lightweight, it still has a certain hardness. When struck, it will emit a crisp sound and will not break even if dropped. It is very suitable for use in the home and outdoors.

A good choice for camping

CHOPLATE is a lightweight and hard-wearing plate that is also a good choice for cutting vegetables and serving food directly on the plate. It can be used for cutting fruit, bread, snacks, etc. when camping. It can also be used to cut food on the table into a size that is easy for children to eat. It is one of the essential tableware for camping equipment.

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