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Foione|Crème Haute Performance 55g

Foione|Crème Haute Performance 55g

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If the skin changes, everyday will be special.

When it comes to skincare concerns, we tend to have countless concerns and pursue for the betterment of skin. For example, skincare imbalance, non-effectiveness though using many skincare products, lack of confidence at non-makeup-face, looks more aged person than other people, comparison with others who have soft skin and have transparent skin, and so on.... 

Best recommended for the following.

・Skincare balance is concerned
・Non-effectiveness though using many skincare products
・Lack of confidence at non-makeup-face
・Looks more aged person than other people
・Comparison with others who have soft skin
・Comparison with others who have clear skin
・Looking for the product that can also be used for decollete and bust.

This cream is smooth and soft texture that is non-sticky type for 365days.
It is a total-care suitable for dried and rough skin type.

"beauty ingredients that you want right now" are fully contained in this cream, so you can achieve skin balance regardless of season, sex, and wheather.
High performance cream that will never let your skin down at any important occation. 


*After facial wash in the morning and evening, condition your skin with silky lotion(toner).
*Take one pearl cize of Crame High Performance(moisturizing cream) and spread through the face.
*All-skin type


*Vitamins C, B, A, P, E(moisturizing and conditioning ingredients shown in "ALL Ingredients") that contains derivative.
Skin friction might occur in rare cases. It is recommended to use patch test before using it.
*Please read the CAUTION carefully before using this product.
*If you encounter skin problem or not compatible to your skin, please discontinue use.
*Please do not use to the sensitive eye area.

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