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JLP|Balance Control Cleansing 180g

JLP|Balance Control Cleansing 180g

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◦ The BALANCE CONTROL CLEANSING GEL is a satisfyingly fresh and gentle cleanser that doesn’t leave anything unwanted behind.

◦ This non-foaming cleanser doesn’t burden the skin, and it features a two-in-one function of gentle cleansing and face washing.

◦ Its thick-textured gel gently removes leftover makeup or excessive oils, and uses friction to lighten the burden on the skin. It also maintains the moisture on the skin’s surface.


The Balance Control Cleansing Gel is smooth and comfortable to use!

Offers smooth and natural comfort
The friction generated by washing your face not only removes oil that the skin needs (which leads to more easily drying skin), but even causes other skin problems. With a unique formula, the BALANCE CONTROL CLEANSING GEL has cushioning materials which reduce friction on the skin and gently removes makeup and dirt deep inside pores. It washes away makeup and old skin cells inside your pores without burdening the skin, to give you smooth and moisturized finish.

Creates a smooth complexion without removing too much natural oil
The BALANCE CONTROL CLEANSING GEL can completely remove makeup and excess oil while maintaining the natural oil your skin needs. Through gentle emollient cleansing ingredients, it creates smooth and balanced skin for you. After use, there’s no need to wash the face with soap or other cleansers.

One cleansing serves two purposes
You can also wash your face with this product even if you don't wear makeup as it prevents the face from drying and preserves the skin’s moisture.It also gently cleanses darkened pores that occur from oxidized fat and oils.

For a balanced skin environment and a clear complexion, the BALANCE CONTROL CLEANSING GEL is your best bet!

*** Works best with Moist Control Lotion and the Moisture Serum. Also available in our store.***
Instructions for use:
Put about 4–5 cm of product into the dry palm of your hand. Gently massage the product in, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Thereʼs no need to wash your face twice.

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