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JLP|Manier Clear Saop

JLP|Manier Clear Saop

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This face soap washes away dirt and grime while leaving the skinʼ s natural moisture
untouched, so your skin wonʼ t feel dry or uncomfortable after using it.

Offers a refreshing, clear wash while gently enveloping the skin
The Manier Clear Soap contains ingredients such as Vitamin C-derivatives that lead to clear skin. It also hydrates inside the skin, thus firming the skin’s foundation.

The thick, voluminous foam leaves skin’s moisture untouched without overwashing
The Manier Clear Soap contains cleansing ingredients that won’t wash away what the skin needs. It gently but thoroughly removes dirt from deep within pores and leaves skin feeling moist after washing.

Offers reliable skincare for sensitive skin
The Manier Clear Soap contains moisturizing components that are gentle and comfortable on the skin. It washes away dirt and grime without affecting the skin’s natural moisture to leave you with moist, supple skin.

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