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JLP|Medicated scalp care tonic D 100ml

JLP|Medicated scalp care tonic D 100ml

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◦ Anti-agingAll in One scalp careRegulates your hair cycle

Medicated scalp care tonic D nurtures healthy scalp and hair.

Make it a habit to care for your scalp just like your skin! It regulates your hair cycle and maintain rich scalp for your shiny hair. It has refreshing texture with plants grace. It is a scalp care essence to apply after daily shampoo. A healthy scalp starts from making daily treatment

Active ingredients promote blood circulation and balances your scalp condition. It also softens the hard dry skin and suppress the excessive sebum secretion to lead the growing phase of short hair into normal hair growth cycle.

Active ingredients and plant-based extract moisturize and regulate hair cycle
・ Hair growth
・ Prevention of thinning hair, itching, and hair loss
・ Hair growth stimulating ・ Hair production stimulating
・ Anti-dandruff
・ Prevention of post-illness/postpartum hair loss
・ Hair nourishing

Instructions for use:
Apply ample amount to the clean scalp and massage.
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