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JLP|Moist Control Lotion 150 ml.

JLP|Moist Control Lotion 150 ml.

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For a revitalized, vibrant complexion.A lotion that firms skin and adds elasticity.Focusing on water channels within the skin known as aquaporins, the MOIST CONTROL LOTION thoroughly moisturizes and conditions the skin.It contains ideal lamella structure NcPA, sodium cyclic lysophosphatidic acid, and creates a foundation for hydrated and elastic skin, leading to a fresh and rejuvenated complexion.150ML
Moist Control Lotion is a brightening lotion that works from within to revitalize the skin.

Benefits and Functions:
- Creates a hydrated skin base to keep it moist
- Increases skin elasticity
- Rejuvenates and refreshes skin by balancing skin texture
- Firms skin and cleanses until skin feels fresher

How to use:
Use the palm of your hand to slowly and gently apply a dime sized amount of product all over your face, gently tapping the lotion into your skin. On areas that feel dry like cheeks, press the lotion into the skin, pressing lightly with your fingertips.
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