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JLP|Moisture Serum

JLP|Moisture Serum

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The MOISTURE SERUM contains highly concentrated stem cell culture derived from human stem cells, and works to bring out the skin’s natural beauty in your future skin.

Bringing cutting-edge stem cell science to skincare
The MOISTURE SERUM harnesses the capability of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC-X) to nano-encapsulate growth factor.It addresses skin concerns that increase with aging, and rapidly works inside the skin which leads to firm skin.

For skin you’ll want to reach out and touch
Today, various environmental factors such as light from PCs or smartphones plus increased social stress at work and at home affect us. This leads to earlier concerns about aging. The MOISTURE SERUM brings out your natural beauty regardless of environment or age.

A Human Stem Cell Culture Extract Serum
This refers to the culture supernatant fluid secreted when cultivating human stem cells, an ingredient that is gaining considerable attention in the field of rejuvenation.It offers anti-aging care, firmness, elasticity, lift, clarifying and moisturizing effects, and supports healthy, natural-looking skin.

Delivers just what the skin needs
Since the MOISTURE SERUM is for daily use, it includes gentle ingredients that the skin needs. The product don’t use any ingredients that pose a burden on the skin such as synthetic fragrances, dyes, alcohol, parabens, etc.
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