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JLP|Spiracorretta Rich Eye Cream

JLP|Spiracorretta Rich Eye Cream

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◦ A multifaceted approach for aging eyesThe Spiracorretta Rich Eye Cream contains 4 types of collagen-supporting ingredients to address concerns about plumpness, elasticity and dullness in the eye area. It also has retinol, a highly concentrated moisturizing ingredient that works to create a plump, lifted and firm eye area.

The Spiracorretta Rich Eye Cream is for the delicate, problem-prone eye area
Due to its thin texture, the skin around the eyes can be easily damaged by dryness, lack of sleep, computer use or reading, etc. The The Spiracorretta Rich Eye Cream firms the eye area suffering from dryness or signs of aging, creating a plump and youthful impression.

A highly effective cream formulated with carefully selected ingredients
Today we live surrounded by light from PCs and smartphones, etc. Various environmental factors such as stress from new modern lifestyles or increased social stress at work and at home affect us too, which leads to earlier concerns about aging. But no matter your lifestyle, make harmful light such as UV-rays and blue light work for you! Containing Spirulina maxima extract, an ingredient that gently cares for the skin, the The Spiracorretta Rich Eye Cream brings out the skin’s natural beauty. It also includes argireline for plumper skin around the eyes.

With a noticeably rich texture that gently envelops the delicate eye area
The Spiracorretta Rich Eye Cream promotes beautiful skin that is clear and moisturized by focusing on caring for the skin’s foundation.

It creates remarkably clear skin while also caring for easily-damaged skin around your eyes.
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