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◦ The Spiracorretta UV TREATMENT MILK WT is an emulsion, a makeup foundation, and UV care product all in one.
◦ Luxuriously formulated with beauty ingredients, the Spiracorretta UV TREATMENT MILK WT makes skin more beautiful with every moment you wear it. Despite being highly waterproof against sweat or water on the skin, its emulsifying components ensure that it washes off easily with soap.


Provides strong protection against UV rays

This moisture-packed Spiracorretta UV Treatment Milk WT delivers skincare and brightening, which feels comfortable (not sticky) when used. It feels natural on the skin, and maintains smooth skin without any white, milky residue.


Have light on your side! Bringing out the skin’s natural beauty

Today we live surrounded by light from PCs and smartphones, etc. Various environmental factors such as stress from new modern lifestyles or increased social stress at work and at home affect us, too, which leads to earlier concerns about aging. But no matter your lifestyle, make harmful light such as UV-rays and blue light work for you! Containing Spirulina maxima extract, an ingredient that gently cares for the skin, the Spiracorretta UV Treatment Milk WT brings out the skin’s natural beauty. It treats the skin throughout the day while protecting it from UV-rays.

Feels comofrtable and smooth when used

Containing 17 types of beauty ingredients, this UV milk can also be used under makeup foundation. The smooth and supple texture feels completely natural on the skin. It is light and non-sticky, and is great even for easily irritated, sensitive skin. It washes off easily with soap thanks to its emulsifying ingredients. Free yourself from skin stress with the Spiracorretta UV Treatment Milk WT.

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