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Lucia|Esthetic Skin Soap Set (3 Soaps with Foaming Net)

Lucia|Esthetic Skin Soap Set (3 Soaps with Foaming Net)

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The Essence of Skin. Reviving Natural Skin. At the Core of Beauty

Improves clogged pores, sebum dirt, skin roughness, and dullness. Also prevents heat rash and acne. Elegant citrus scent. Rich lather. Leaves skin moisturized. Can be used on the body as well.

Gently removes dirt with soft foam, keeping the skin clean and healthy. Cleansing helps prevent acne and heat rash.


Instantly Create Fine, Silky Foam!

I was able to create a rich and bouncy foam right away.
Furthermore, when using a foam net, it adds volume!
I was impressed that the foam didn't fall even when turned upside down!


Refreshed and Smooth Skin.

I can wash gently while being healed by the citrus scent, and after use, I can't help but touch my skin.
It's also a favorite that can be used on both face and body!

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