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Prinsepia| Beauty Oil 30mL

Prinsepia| Beauty Oil 30mL

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This 1 drop will change your beauty life! The third oil ""Prinsepia""

Prinsepia is the plant of rose that is rare. It only grows up in Himalaya altitude 2000 to 3000m.
The oil of Prinsepia is called gold oil and it has been treasured as medical oil and health food.

PS oil contains more than 90% of presepia oil and each essential oil is blended in a best balance.
It gives firmness, glossiness, elasticy, and moisture to balances your skin condition.


More than 90% of prinsepia oil inclusion plus simple skincare using plant aroma
Use about 500 pieces of prinsepia seeds in 1 bottle of oil.

Ethical multi-oil containing omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9, which conditions health status of the skin.


6 kinds of aroma&moisture oil brand
・Lavender oil →Comfortable Natural herb scent
・Rosemary→Fresh scent that makes you feel high
・Rice bran oil→Oil that contains γ-oryzanol with high antioxidant effect
・Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil→Clear scent that improves concentration and immune system
・Geranium →Rose scent that protects skin from skin trouble
・Cypress→Refreshing sccent that makes your feel refresh and tighten up your skin."

It only grows up in Himalaya mountatin. Flower Princepia of rose is very rare. The seeds weight about 1 to 2.5kg can only be acquired from one tree.

Oil that can be acquired from the real seed is only 0.05g. More than 90% of the oil is rich that is from the essential natural grace.


Please use after facial wash and toner. Pour 1 to 2 drops in the palm of your hands.

Warm it in the palm of your hands and smell the scent, do inhalation. While enjoying the scent, gently massage the face from center to outter part.

Spread through from the neck up to decollete by following the flow of lymph and finish.


*Please read the CAUTION carefully before using this product.
*If you encounter skin problem or not compatible to your skin, please discontinue use.
*Please do not use to the sensitive eye area.

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