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Pukupuku|Skincare set with towel

Pukupuku|Skincare set with towel

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This is a blissful care set that combines the safe and secure Pukupuku Elephant skin care set that can be used by babies and mothers, and the high-quality towel "Pukupuku Elephant Imabari Eco Towel" certified by the Imabari Towel brand.

Gentle skin care items and fluffy towels provide a loving bath time.

Point 1. All items are made with natural ingredients that are gentle on newborn skin.
Point 2. No fragrance, no coloring, and no petroleum-based ingredients are used.
Point 3. Contains natural moisturizing ingredients.
Point 4. Imabari Eco Towel that is gentle on children's skin and the environment

Special ingredients for babies

Macadamia nut oil

Contains palmitoleic acid, which is also found in baby's sebum. It is known as an oil that is well-absorbed by the skin because of its similar composition to sebum. It leads to skin with moisture and elasticity.

Hydrolyzed silk

It is said to have the amino acid composition that is closest to that of human skin among the proteins that exist in nature. It helps to improve skin texture, retain moisture, and keep skin soft.

Rice cotton

The Imabari towel made of high-quality rice cotton for a soft and smooth feel.It is safe and secure for people with sensitive skin or babies because it is free of fluorescent brighteners and bleaching agents. Also, the water-resistance is improved by the special processing (TZ acidic enzyme method).

Skincare set:21×21×9
Imabari Towel:30×20×4

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