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Pukupuku|Tableware set

Pukupuku|Tableware set

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【Dish Bowl Set】

It is recognized as the safest tableware in nurseries.

Diaceram is a high-strength porcelain tableware that has been developed through discussions with nursery teachers and nutritionists.
This is a special gift set that selects only those that have passed even more stringent inspections.

Point 1. Break-resistant

Pukupuku Elephant tableware boasts a strength of 230Mpa, which is the highest level for tableware. It is 3 to 4 times stronger than general household porcelain tableware (50 to 90MPa), making it very break-resistant.

Point 2. Made of natural materials

The main material of Pukupuku Elephant tableware is clay, and it is made of safe materials that are non-toxic. There is absolutely no leaching of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and environmental hormone substances, which have been the subject of recent discussions.

Point 3. Excellent heat resistance

Pukupuku Elephant tableware is made by firing in a kiln at over 1000℃, and it can be used with all heat sources except direct fire.

Point 4.Safe and does not peel off

The painting method is to soak the painting in the glaze. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the leaching of harmful substances from the pigments used to apply the painting. In addition, the painting will not rub off or peel off even after long-term use. (Please refer to the painting method below.)

Point 5. Selected products

We offer special tableware that has been carefully selected from tableware that meets strict safety standards for gift sets.


【Double-decker lunch box】

With two layers, it can hold a lot of food. After use, it can be stacked up small and compact for easy carrying.

 ▶ The amount of rice that can be placed in the lower layer is about 1.1 cups (about 200ml per cup).
 ▶ The lid is dome-shaped, so you can pack high-rise side dishes and rice without crushing them.
 ▶ Made from sanitary and safe materials. (Polypropylene, AS, ABS resin)
 ▶ Special processing that does not stick to rice (embossing)


【Cutlery set】

 ▶ The spoon, fork, and chopsticks are all in one, making it easy to carry.
 ▶ It is hygienic and easy to use.
 ▶ Made of polypropylene, AS, ABS resin, and stainless steel.

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